Lesson Plan


Traffic safety tips


  40 minutes


1.      Vocabulary :  (group 1)  stop, wait, look , go, right, left,.

            (group 2)                 (group 2)  traffic light, red light, yellow light, green light, jaywalk, jaywalker,                                             2.  Phrases: stop right away;  wait until green;  look both ways- left, right, left again

2.      Sentences:  Imperative sentences starting with “Always”  “Never”.

              Ex:  Never run in the classroom.

                   Always tie up your shoes.

3.  A poem “traffic light”, adapted from the original poem of  Janice Peterson  , Detroit Public Schools


In the end of the class, students will be able to:

  1. Understand the vocabulary, phrases, and sentences presented.

  2. Know how to spell group 1 vocabulary.

  3. Recognize and say group 2 vocabulary.

  4. Recognize and say the phrases.

  5. Understand the sentences.

  6. Understand how to follow the traffic light.

  7. Understand the importance of obeying the traffic light.

8. Understand the poem..

  9. Read the poem.

  10.Work on the worksheet.       



























































1, 10



1-1-3  能聽辨課堂中所習得的詞彙

3-1-2  能辨識課堂中習得的詞彙



1-1-3  能聽辨課堂中所習得的詞彙

3-1-2  能辨識課堂中習得的詞彙

2-1-3  能說出課堂中所習得的詞彙

6-1-1  樂於參與各種課堂練習活動。

6-1-3  對於老師的說明與演示,能集中注意

1-1-8  能聽懂簡易句型的句子。

2-1-4  能以正確的語調說出簡易句型的句子






6-1-1  樂於參與各種課堂練習活動。

6-1-3  對於老師的說明與演示,能集中注意

1-1-8  能聽懂簡易句型的句子。

2-1-4  能以正確的語調說出簡易句型的句子

4-1-6  能依圖畫、圖示填寫重要字詞。

*1-1-10 能聽懂簡易歌謠和韻文的主要內容。

2-1-10 能朗讀和吟唱歌謠韻文。

3-1-4  能辨識歌謠、韻文、故事中的常用字詞。












4-1-3  能臨摹抄寫課堂中習得的詞彙



Warm up    (3 minutes)

T put word cards “Never” “Always” on the board. T explains these two words. Then T makes some sentences using pictures and asks Ss pictures of these sentences should be put under “Never or “Always”. T then explains there are called “safety tips”. And today we are going to talk about traffic safety tips.  



1.      Presenting group 1 vocabulary by TPR  (5 minutes)

(1) T presents “stop, wait, go, look, left, right” with gestures. Ss follow T.

(2) T says the words, Ss do the gestures.

(3) T does the gestures, Ss say the words.

(4) A game: “Teacher Says”. When T says the word with “Please”, Ss do the gestures.  When T says the word without “please”, Ss stand still. T asks some Ss to come to the front to say the commands, too.

(5) T works with Ss on the spelling of these words. (2 minutes)

2.      Presenting phrases with word cards.

3.      T shows flashcards of traffic lights and ask Ss. (2 minutes)

(1)   When you see red light, what should you do? (Stop right away.)

(2)   When you see green light, what can you do? ( Go, but look both ways, left, right, left again)

(3) When you see yellow light, what should you do? (Wait until green)

4.  T says red light, Ss say stop right away and do the gesture. (2 minutes)

    T says green light, Ss say go but look both ways left, right, left again and do the gestures.

    T says yellow light, Ss say wait until green and do the gesture.

    Repeat this until all the Ss can respond correctly and quickly.

5.  T explains what “jaywalk” “jaywalker” means.

6.  T asks Ss to walk around the classroom, they can be pedestrians, or they can pretend to be a car, a truck or a bus. When T says green light, red light, or yellow light, Ss should respond correctly. The jaywalkers need to come to the front to say the command. (5 minutes)

7.  T hands out the poem. (worksheet 5), T reads and asks Ss to fill in the blank. (2 minutes)

8.  T checks if Ss understand the poem.

9.  T asks if there are rhyming words in the poem. (1 minute)

10.  T divides Ss into two groups to read the poem. One group asks, one group answers.  (2 minutes)

11.  T pairs Ss and asks each pair to read the poem. (2 minutes)

12.  T asks volunteers (in pair) to read the poem. (3 minutes)


Back up activities

1.  T and Ss watch 3 videos together, and discuss how they can make safety tips from the video. with “Never” “Always” .  (uploaded by DFT video on May 21, 2009) (total about 6 minutes)


     (The boy who didn’t stop, look and listen)


     (The girl who didn’t dress bright)


    (The boy who didn’t look for a safe place to cross)

1.      T shows some pictures and discusses with Ss what safety tips they can think of from the pictures (3 minutes)


Wrap Up

A worksheet..




T observes if Ss know the meanings of never and always.




T observes if all the Ss can understand the commands.











T observes if all the Ss can answer correctly.






T observes if all the Ss can follow the traffic light.






T observes if Ss can read the poem.   

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