English Winter Camp with Travel English and French Toast

All the activities were set up using only English as the medium of instruction. The whole idea is to create an environment where students have to work in groups and complete all the tasks targeting travel English, including how to go through customs, take public transportation, check in at a hotel, order food at a restaurant, and so on in English. Of course, making French toast is always a popular activity which engages all the students while also helping them pick up some useful English expressions. Here are 6 activities used in the course.

1. Four Corners. With a blank sheet of paper divided into four squares, students draw simple pictures of their favorite hobby, a place for vacation, If I have a super power and my favorite subject so that they can get to know each other by introducing their drawings.

2. Hammer it. Students are encouraged to take a guess of what the country is based on the pictures and the clues provided. For example, Kimchi is the most iconic Korean dish, and the Merlion park is the landmark of Singapore.

3. Overseas Travel Survey. After finishing the survey with six questions regarding their travel experience, students can then interview each other and exchange their ideas in English. Then, I called on some of them to stand up and shared their answers with the class.

 4. Graffiti and Carousel. After presenting some of the most commonly used English expressions with regard to the airport, hotel, transportation and so on, students worked in groups brainstorming questions they have to ask at the assigned occasions and how they can say it properly in English.

 5. Gallery Walk. When the students were done with the posters, how can't I ask them to do an oral report with my favorite activity like this one?

6. Pass the challenges. Four stations were set up for students to pass challenges that required them to demonstrate their language skills related to today's topic, such as matching phrase, reading out loud, drawing the route and listening comprehension.

Ingredients and a step by step recipe were introduced before I engaged students with this very interesting hands-on task. Of course, safety is always the most important issue when your students actually use stoves to make French toast. With a shadow of a doubt, this definitely is their most loved one because they got to cook and have fun making THEIR OWN delicious French toast.